Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated you, but we’ve had a lot going on! Last year, I was recovering from being bullied at my new school. Some kids were telling me my new Air Jordan tennis shoes weren’t real. They were calling me a liar and telling this kid to FIGHT me. I didn’t even know them, so I told them I didn’t want to fight. I left to go to the office (I was IN school) when I was yanked down by my ponytail and thrown to the ground. I was jumped on and unconscious, and still hit multiple times in the face. I ended up with a concussion and bruises to my face, but the worst part is I still got suspended.

Things got MUCH better though. I left that school and found a place I really liked. I played volleyball and met some new friends. But that’s not even the best part! Ronda Rousey called me to encourage me and see how things were going. And then this happened…

My dream of having a gym where kids didn’t get turned away just because they can’t afford a membership finally started to come true. We found a spot near our house that was perfect for a jiu-jitsu studio. Our family worked up there all summer long. Then we’ve spent the rest of the year working on weekends. We’ve had a couple fundraisers to help with mats and now, we’re opening this Saturday, May 12!!! I am so excited. My brother and sister started doing jiu-jitsu too, so it’s a family thing now. I really hope we have a great turnout. We need lots of paying members to help fund the scholarships for kids. So if you know anyone in Kansas City looking to get fit WHILE doing something to help the community, send them to our new gym at E3 Sports Facility and have them ask for me.




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