About E3 Scholarship Fund

What We’re About: Building Resilience Through Sports & Education

E3 Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help children who struggle at school because their learning styles and needs are not being correctly identified and addressed. 

Claire is a 15-year-old child with special needs who struggled with school to the point of walking out. Claire couldn’t understand why she tried so hard but was consistently frustrated in the classroom, with teachers and staff at school. Her grades reflected her frustration and further compounded her feeling of failure and desire to give up.

The school wanted to help. Many hours and meetings were spent with teachers and staff. Lots of great advice and learning tools and tricks were applied but the result was the same. Claire continued to under perform, be frustrated, and depressed. Claire was ready to walk out and never return.

Claire’s father, E3 Scholarship Fund founder and chairman Charles Tietgen, contacted his life coach, Dr. Ramon Corrales who suggested the Kolbe Y Assessment as a tool to help. Claire completed the Kolbe Y. Dr. Corrales shared her results with her teachers and staff who put his recommendations into practice. Claire’s grades and outlook immediately improved, from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s. This new self-knowledge has allowed Claire to be more resilient in all situations.

Kolbe assessments follow students from 4th grade through college. Their Kolbe assists in keeping the child’s natural way of learning a priority thus creating desire and enjoyment in learning. In high school, the Kolbe will guide students in selecting a career path that is conducive to their natural, instinctive way of doing things.

E3 Scholarship Fund wants to bring the Kolbe Y Assessment to students and parents, and public and private schools in the U.S.


“Pushing ourselves to grow, to get better, to dive deeper is at the heart of happiness.” “Resilience: Hard-won Wisdom For Living A Better Life” by Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL. Greitens firmly believes that resilience can be developed. One of the main missions of E3 Scholarship Fund is to help develop resilience in youth.

Kolbe Y Assessments

E3 Scholarship Fund has an even bigger vision for the future. E3SF is dedicated to finding help and hope for children at school. We believe that when a student receives counseling and the Kolbe Y educational evaluations at school, a custom program can be implemented that allows them to be more resilient in all areas of their lives. At our new E3 Scholarship Fund Kolbe Center, we offer student assessments and parent guides to help discover natural abilities and instinctive talents. By becoming aware of their innate talents, students, parents, and educators will be able to figure out solutions that work for them in their day to day learning environment.

According to Kolbe wisdom, there are four basic instincts that we all revert to when problem-solving. These instincts are not acquired or learned. They are not based on emotions or how we feel. They were given to all of us at birth and are a part of who we are. You cannot change your instincts nor can you measure them. However, we can measure one’s conation, which are the actions we take as a result of these instincts.

Simply put, conation is someone’s natural, or instinctive, way of doing things.

There are three parts of the mind that determine how a person operates.

  1. Cognitive: Intelligence, Knowledge: Thinking
  2. Affective: Personality, Emotions: Feeling
  3. Conative: Will/Motivation/Instinct, Behavior/Actions: Doing

“Most professionals have subscribed to the belief that
Thinking + Feeling = Action.
As a consequence of this erroneous model, professionals have created learning and performing models based mostly on KNOWLEDGE and EMOTION,
leaving out an extremely important influence on our behavior, INSTINCT, which is triggered by the third part of the mind, the WILL.” Dr. Ramon Corrales 

The Kolbe measures the Conative (our instinctive actions) part; the unique set of innate strengths and talents every person has which remains unchanged from birth.

There are 4 base instincts described by Kolbe. Fact Finder which is the way we gather and share information. Follow Thru, the way we arrange, organize, and design. Quickstart the way we assess risks, and Implementer, how we handle physical objects. Each person will feel more strongly influenced by one or two of these instincts.

“You’re not working at your full potential!” 

Teachers and administrators desire to positively impact kids’ lives. Students deserve to have a teacher who sincerely believes they possess the ability to be successful. They deserve the chance to develop skills that allow them to be successful in whatever they choose to do after graduation. Research shows that 78% of students have difficulty adjusting to the typical classroom setting where 70%- 80% of teachers teach in a way that only 22% of children naturally learn.

Kolbe’s concept is based on the fact that every person is uniquely and perfectly capable of creative problem-solving. Our creative instincts are the source of mental energy that drives us to take specific actions.


E3 Sports Facility is a place where students can come to have fun, all the while working on self-defense skills, exercising, and techniques for developing resilience.


E3 Sports Facility is pleased to offer Juice Plus+ products. Our family doesn’t get as many fresh fruits and vegetables for optimal nutrition. We feel great taking the Juice Plus+ capsules and chewables. The Complete protein shakes and bars are delicious, whole food based nutrition.

Self-Confidence Building

E3SF offers an Image & Wellness Advisor, Quali Johnson, as a mentor to help kids with their self-image to boost self-esteem. Quali approaches image from the inside out creating healthy minds. She promotes self-awareness while building self-esteem and empower social changes. Check the calendar for Quali’s classes!

E3 Scholarship Fund will be teaming up with a world-class nutritional coach in the near future. Many children are bullied because of their weight. We hope to make healthy nutritional choices fun and easy for children.

We hope you find something here to inspire you.

Our Mission

EMBRACE children and teens who are struggling.

EMPOWER parents, teachers, staff, and students by identifying their striving instincts.

ENCOURAGE youth by celebrating their natural abilities and validating their instinctive strengths.

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